Led by William Dent, All Financial Services was established in 1999 and provides mortgage services and consulting in California, D.C., Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. Their experienced and dedicated staff has over 50+ years of experience in the Financial and Mortgage industry. Unlike others in the mortgage industry and as a client-centered company, All Financial Services believes in family first and finances second.

William Dent’s experience in the financial and mortgage industry, along with his understanding of how he can advocate for home ownership in underserved communities, led him to start All Financial Services.

Services are based on the client’s ultimate goals and objectives and working together to tailor and customize a specific loan program. "We make sure that we understand the goals and objectives for every client versus pushing them into the largest home they can afford."

The Mission

Support underserved communities so they can create a financial legacy and find financial independence.

We are All Financial Services. We provide trustworthy and results-oriented mortgage services for underserved local communities and beyond. We help our clients feel empowered, supported, and secure about their homebuying experience and investments so they can create financial stability and build wealth and security for themselves or loved ones.

Meet the Team

William Dent


Chanelle wanner

Administrative Services Manager

Maria Herrera

Processing Manager

Tyrone Bullock Jr.

Loan Officer

Malcolm Drakeford

Loan Officer

Yelin Htwar

Sr. Loan Officer

Jasmine Barksdale

Loan Officer Assistant

marcus Dent

Loan Officer Assistant

Roxann Rodriguez

Loan Officer

Prissilla navarro

Loan Officer Assistant

Wilbert brinson

Loan Officer Assistant

Josue Quezada

Loan Officer Assistant

Ron THomas

Sales Manager

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